Hen Island The Movie Cast List

Joe Sack

Rye City Mayor, 2014-Present

“It’s worse than anyplace I’ve been in Rye” (in answer to a query about mosquito infestation from another Rye councilmember on public TV)

Elected to the Rye City Council in 2008, Joe Sack served six years as a Councilman before winning the Mayor’s seat in a decisive victory over Deputy Mayor Peter Jovanovich in 2013.
While Mr. Sack ran uncontested in his first election, four years later he garnered the majority votes in a six-way race for three City Council seats.

Dubbed by Ray Tartaglione in 2008 as “the voice of reason”, Sack as a Councilman was often portrayed in the local media as an independent statesman who often voted alone against the Council majority spanning across two different administrations. His independent voice on the dais as an advocate for open government and transparency across a variety of issues earned him popularity throughout the community.

Pertaining to Hen Island, Mr. Sack had consistently advocated for a resolution to the issues, while dispelling the suggestion by his Council colleagues that the nature of Mr. Tartaglione’s complaints should be ignored because of his controversial delivery.

In 2009, Mr. Sack questioned multiple times why the Westchester County Health Department was unable to appear before the City Council and validate their health inspections.

After a July 2013 mid-morning inspection of Hen Island with Massachusetts Mosquito Control Commissioner Kimberly King, Joe Sack confirmed publicly at the next Rye City Council meeting that the mosquito infestation on Hen Island was “worse than he has ever seen.”

Now in 2016 as Mayor he refuses to have the city issue violations for the illegal storage of thousands of gallons of bird feces infected water and the worst mosquito infestation on record in New York.

Upon his election to the Mayor’s seat in 2014, Mayor Sack asked for a “fresh look” at the issues in an effort to provide resolution to a nearly seven year discussion discourse.

Unfortunately three months after his second inspection of the Island Mayor Sack chose to follow the same misleading statements as his predecessors Steve Otis and Doug French. Mayor Sack publicly proclaimed that the lack of potable water and sewage treatment combined with over 30 thousand gallons of stored bird feces infected water and acres of mosquito breeding grounds caused no threat to public health or the environment.

Professionally, Mr. Joe Sack is a litigation attorney in private practice with offices on Wall Street and in Westchester County New York City’s water supply.