Hen Island The Movie Cast List

Mr. Floatie (Friendly P.O.S)

HEALtheHARBOR.com mascot

“Hi five for high fiber!”

The Mr. Floatie character was conceived and developed by Canadian activist James Skwarok to raise awareness for the goals of a local environmental organization – People Opposed To Outfall Pollution (P.O.O.P) – targeting the lack of sewage treatment in Victoria, British Columbia.

In 2007, Ray Tartaglione and P.O.O.P. negotiated an agreement that allowed HEALtheHARBOR.com the use of Mr. Floatie, his character and likeness, in the United States for any non-profit environmental awareness campaign. Mr. Floatie is a friendly poo, who walks a fine brown line between raising awareness and causing a stink. Utilizing the stools of his trade, his mission is to publicize the lack of sewage treatment on Hen Island.

There is however a methane to his madness: Mr. Floatie has spent years floating around in Milton Harbor in Rye, without a home. His hope is to one day be contained with others of his own kind where he can be “treated” appropriately. As the saying goes, “great behinds stink alike,” and the majority of residents in the Rye community agree that Mr. Floatie “has to go.”